I mediate civil cases because I love helping people make deals and settle disputes. Almost every case I mediate settles at the mediation session. I follow the few that don't until they do settle. Thatís the satisfaction I demand from my work. I have a wide range of experience successfully mediating cases of many types and in many areas including product liability, personal injury and wrongful death, premises liability, business disputes, real estate disputes, construction, labor and employment, intellectual property, professional, legal and medical malpractice, trusts and estates, admiralty and maritime, property damage, insurance coverage disputes, environmental contamination, mass tort and class actions.

I bring to the table, figuratively and literally, something different from other mediators. My career as a trial lawyer for more than thirty years started in one of Boston's oldest and largest firms where I worked in a variety of practice areas and on a wide range of problems. Warren F. FitzgeraldI then went to work for Bostonís largest trial firm and was trained as a defense lawyer by the legendary Jim Meehan. I spent years representing product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, insurers and other businesses before changing my practice to plaintiffs' representation with my partners at Meehan Boyle. I handled and tried to juries many complicated cases of the same types which I now help settle as a mediator. My experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants, from individuals in straightforward cases to Fortune 500 companies in complex multiparty litigation, allows me to help parties make reasonable settlement decisions that can lead to the optimal resolution of any case.

I began mediating cases privately in the 1980ís at the request of fellow trial lawyers. I then chaired and participated in court connected mediation and conciliation programs. My balanced training and experience provided me with very useful insight for analyzing cases and negotiating settlements as an advocate. It served me well during my terms as President of the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys when the ability to view differing interests from a neutral vantage point was very beneficial. This insight is, of course, also very helpful to me as a mediator helping others resolve their cases.

I am honored to have been recognized for my work in the ADR field every year by the Massachusetts and New England Super Lawyer surveys and to have been inducted into the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, a national invitation only organization of select neutrals.

I have now brought my career full circle. I have sat on both sides as well as in the middle. As a mediator and conciliator through Fitzgerald Dispute Resolution LLC, I help parties balance their interests and settle their cases. Let me put my experience to work for you.

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